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Easy Mobile Chain

Easy Mobile Chain is committed to building a public blockchain platform for the global cross-business industry.

Management Team

Work with professionals

Betty Chih

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Initiated the establishment of Easy Mobile Chain (EMC) in 2020.
Betty Chih, graduated from a well-known US Law School, majoring in consultation and negotiation.
With more than twenty-five-year experience in the communications network industry and digital content market, Betty focuses on designing, planning and integrating multiple innovative marketing services, and engaging in copyright licensing business to integrate various types of multimedia content.
She obtained patents for serial video connection technology and mobile device detection technology to provide innovative digital publishing and mobile value-added services, and now creates an innovative C2C recycling service platform.

Betty Chih

Richardson Xieh

Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder

With twenty-five-year experience in financial business and investment professional, Richardson has served in financial companies such as well-known commercial banks, precious metals, investment banking, leasing services, etc., specializes in international investment and management, financial analysis and model structuring.
In addition, he had many years of experience in customer management and human resources management of personal consuming finance. And now he is specialized in business operation, investment governance and financial management.

Richardson Xieh

Johnny Lee

Director, Co-Founder

With twenty-eight-year experience in international financial business, Johnny has served as a vice president and executive director in various well-known commercial banks, investment banks and insurance companies in Asia, specializing in financial regulations, investment analysis and management, risk model building and financial operation control.
Now he is responsible for risk control, laws and regulations.

Betty Chih

Mark Brinkerhoff

Director, Founder

Mark Brinkerhoff is an entrepreneurship consultant and communications strategist. He takes a modern approach to public relations and is keen to build partnerships and tell stories to connect consumers with brands.
Brinkerhoff has more than decades of results-oriented public relations experience and has become a leader in business-driven marketing and brand communication for innovative, fast-growing start-ups, especially in consumer technology.

Richardson Xieh

Amanda Bush


Amanda is a member of St. Augustine Capital Partners, providing consulting services and strategic advice to clients in the technology, energy, real estate and financial services industries.
Thomson Reuters calls her a "NEWCOMER" (2007-2014). Amanda co-hosted the reading celebration of the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy in 2003-2014. She earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas with honors and a doctorate in law from the University of Texas Law School.

Betty Chih